Skillet is an American Christain Rock band that was first formed in 1996 in Memphis, Tennessee. The current members of this band are lead singer John Cooper, his wife Korey Cooper, guitarist Seth Morrison, and drummer Jen Ledger. The band officially received their name when John Cooper and former guitarist Ken Steorts, went to their pastors to discuss and form a band as a side project. The name “Skillet” was considered to be a joke. Both members being apart of different bands and different music styles, they decided to mix up a bunch of music styles to test out, referencing to mixing everything into a big skillet. After a month of being together, Christain record label ForeFront Records was highly interested and became the band’s record label. Throughout 1996-1997, Skillet released their second album, which would better define them as a softrock band, rather than having a post-grunge approach.

The style of this band is explained as Christain rock, Christain metal, and alternative rock. The majority of the first album was known for its grunge approach, while their second album was mentioned for its industrial feel and symphonic elements. Cooper’s idea behind the band and the music style was to unite people socially and spiritually. Cooper also states that writing songs is about that reflect the passion of the individuals and not caring what others may say.

Tour Dates

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Date List

10/01 - Mtelus - Montreal, QC, Canada

10/03 - Palladium - Worcester, MA, US

10/05 - Agora Theatre - Cleveland, OH, US

10/06 - The Fillmore Detroit - Detroit, MI, US

10/08 - Myth - Maplewood, MN, US

10/10 - The Chicago Theatre - Chicago, IL, US

10/14 - The Pageant - St. Louis, MO, US

10/16 - Mobile Civic Center Theatre - Mobile, AL, US

10/19 - Vibes Event Center - San Antonio, TX, US

10/20 - The Bomb Factory - Dallas, TX, US


“Skillet's fan base will love this record. There aren't a lot of risks taken, but the execution and songwriting are flawless. The album flows well and there's nary a moment of filler.” - Chad Bowar, 07/31/19

“There's such a universality in these songs that they gel up to our souls. They cling to our psyche because they are tailored made for our hearts.” - Timothy Yap, 08/01/19

“A call to action for believers and a love letter to those going through difficult times, Comatose is a strong and adventurous addition to Skillet's already impressive catalog.” - John DiBiase, 09/25/06

“Like Skillet has done all along, their message is countercultural and liberating at the core, giving Rise a deserving foothold in the minds of their listeners.” - Roger Gelwicks, 06/23/13

“This band gets me amped on life. They were the first connection I had ever made with music, and ever since I have felt like they get me. Their music has gotten me through some stuff and I probably wouldn’t be alive without it, honestly.” - Andrew J. Stillman, 06/24/13

“However, the songs themselves have a higher listenability separate from the whole of the record.” - Kevin Chamberlin, 08/23/09