Elton John (aka Sir Elton Hercules John, CBE) is is an English singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer who’s regarded as one of the most highly acclaimed and successful solo artists of all time. Born on March 25, 1947 in Pinner, Middlesex, England who, at the age of 3, astonished his family by playing The Sketer’s Waltz by ear on the piano. When he was 11, he was awarded a scholarship as a Junior Exhibitor at the Royal Academy of Music for four years on Saturday mornings. And later on into his adulthood career, he was knighted. Plus, he solely composed the 1994 Disney’s The Lion King’s Circle of Life song.

Elton fist launched his musical tour in 1970 until he performed over 4,000 performances in more than 80 countries.Throughout Elton’s life, he has achieved 26 gold, 38 platinum or multi-platinum and 1 diamond album records worldwide. Aside from the numerous successful albums, he currently holds the record for the biggest selling single of all time, Candle In The Wind, in 1997.

According to the American charts, Elton is ranked as the most successful male solo artist in history and the third most successful artist overall, behind only Madonna and the Beatles. In a tribute to his musical efforts, 3 of his albums have been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, alongside with his 1970 eponymous album. Winning 13 Ivor Novello Awards between 1973 and 2001, he has been also nominated 11 times for a Grammy Award, 3 times for an Oscar Award , and a Tony Award, with 4 other nominations for Best Original Score for Elton John and Tim Rice’s Aida in 2000.


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Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting A
Apart from the three big hits at the beginning of the album, this was something of a hit, too. And you can immediately tell why. It is a rollicking, and one of his most infectious and danceable songs! Elton John gives one of his more spirited vocal performances.

Reverie C
Ew. No! I don't know what he was doing here. It's a one-minute instrumental consisting of random piano chords while a high-pitched synthesizer whistles over it. Dumb. Boring.

Sartorial Eloquence C
A sweeping ballad this time, but the melody just isn't up to the snuff. Technically, (instrumentation-wise) it's just like the previous track, but the hooks are lesser. Of course, they're still there, but ... John is so dependent on them!

Elton's Song A
And then there's "Elton's Song" ... a little ditty he dedicates to himself?? Whatever the case, this one's not actually so bad. It's a ballad, but the melody is rather catchy and even a bit haunting. The instrumentation consists of merely Elton playing a piano and singing (with a little bit of tasteful synths after awhile) which I guess is all he ever needed.

The Greatest Discovery B
There is a pretty dramatic use of the full orchestra at the beginning and end of this, but the rest of it most prominently features Elton singing with his piano. Yeah, this is a lovely song, as most things from that album were, but this is on the boring side of things. Seriously, stop playing stuff from Elton John if it's not going to be “Your Song!”

Your Song A
Hey, finally! He performed half of the songs from Elton John before he finally got to this one, but was it worth the wait? Sure it was. I always welcome hearing this good classic! A flute-dominated orchestra comes in and makes it even fruitier than it originally was. Hey, I'm not saying that's a bad thing.